• Prize List Details

    Everybody who joins a Win-Win tournament is guaranteed to win a prize!

    The tournament prize list shows which prizes you will win

    Tournament Prize List Example:

    Within each tournament, there are two prizing levels:

    Elite and Basic


    The Elite Prizing level is limited to those who have earned five (5) or more Karma Coins within that specific tournament. Five (5) Karma Coins is equal to a $25 donation. Once you've donated $25 or more within the tournament, you will automatically be upgraded to the Elite Prizing level. The Elite prizes will be denoted on the prize list with the "Win-Win Elite" icon.


    Everybody who submits an entry into a tournament is eligible for the Basic Prizing level. There are four potential prizes within the Basic Prizing tier (see below) and the prize you win is determined on your leaderboard ranking. To upgrade from Basic to Elite level prizing, you must earn 5 or more Karma Coins before the tournament goes "Live" (when live games begin).

    Note: Every 1st place tournament prize is a Basic prize (does not require Elite Level eligibility)

  • Win-Win Elite Prizing

    Elite Level prizes are typically provided by the tournament host and can include priceless experiences, valuable memorabilia, branded merchandise, and much more!

    Check out past examples of Elite Prizes below.

    Patrick Peterson Elite Prizes

    Video Call w/ Golden Tate

    Malcolm Jenkins Elite Prizes

      To become eligible for Elite Level prizing, you must earn five (5) or more Karma Coins within the specific tournament before it goes "Live" (when live games begin).

    These Karma Coins are earned when making a voluntary donation on the tournament's donation page. The donation page can be accessed anytime from the "Charity Tab" within the tournament details section.

    One (1) Karma Coin = $5 Donation

  • Win-Win Basic Prizing

    Win-Win Merch

    Prize Name: Basic-1A, Basic-1B, or Basic-1C

    Increase your winning swag with one of the following Win-Win merchandise prizes

    Basic-1A: Thinking Cap

    Basic-1B: Bluetooth Headphones

    Basic-1C: Shades


    You must have your mailing address listed within your Win-Win account

    You can update your profile info here: https://www.trywinwin.com/more

    Win-Win Shoutout

    Prize Name: Basic-2

    The Basic-2 prize means you'll get a public shoutout from Win-Win on either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!


    You must have your social media profile information listed within your Win-Win account

    You can update your profile info here: https://www.trywinwin.com/more

    Karma Coins

    Prize Name: Basic-3

    Increase your KC Wallet value with one of the following Karma Coin prize amounts

    Basic-3A: 5 Karma Coins

    Basic-3B: 3 Karma Coins

    Basic-3C: 1 Karma Coin