• ...because giving back has never been this rewarding!

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    The official definition of a win-win scenario is "a situation in which each party benefits in some way"
    Here at Win-Win, we believe in living up to our name. Pro athletes and influencers offer FREE tournaments in which you are guaranteed to win something -- including epic VIP experiences, autographed merchandise, and much much more! Wondering who the other winner is?
    Well, every tournament has a charitable cause associated with it, and we're counting on you to make a donation as a show of support -- making the featured charity a winner, too. Donations are 100% voluntary and when you do donate, the amount is totally up to you. The result? A true win-win scenario

    Here are some of the perks you get for donating to charities featured on Win-Win


    Increase Your Karma, Literally and Figuratively.

    Every time you donate you will receive a number of Karma Coins based the amount of your donation. This is a virtual currency that can be used for a ton of perks, including: additional tournament entries, elite level prizes, and KC raffle giveaways.


    Upgrade Your Winnings

    When you earn at least $25 worth of Karma Coins, your tournament prize is automatically upgraded from Basic to Elite Level prizes. Look for this Win-Win Elite icon on the prize list to know which prizes are limited to #EliteStatus winners only! See Full Prizing Details


    When You Give, You Get... Quick!

    Donate $20 or more to the charitable cause associated with your tournament and you will automatically be on the "VIP SHIPPING" list. This means you'll receive priority, expedited shipping and your prize will be sent out first before others!


    The Win-Win Buy-It-Now Button

    See something on the prize list you're hoping to win? Now you can access select experiences and elite prize items simply by donating! On the donation page, look for the InstaWIN section, donate the listed amount for the item, and you'll secure the win... instantly!


    When Your Donation Really Works For You

    In the event of a tie, your donation advantage could be the difference between winning a VIP experience, or not.

    Tie-Breaker Rules:

    1. If the tie is between people who have each donated to the tournament's charity, the person with the higher donation amount will win the tie-breaker

    2. If the tie is between someone who has donated and someone who has not donated, the person who donated will win the tie-breaker


    There's Nothing Wrong with Taking A Little Tax Break

    Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Each time you donate, you will receive a "Charitable Donation Record" via email and this will be your official receipt. It will include all relevant information needed for tax purposes. Please check with your accounting professional for further information.