Entering Tournament

    Quick Look At How To Enter

    Making Donation

    Quick Look At How To Donate

  • Win-Win In Five Steps

    Step 1


    On the Tournament List, you will see both available tournaments as well as "Coming Soon" tournaments. Available tournaments mean that you are able to join them at that moment. "Coming Soon" means, well just that, it's coming soon! So you can't enter, BUT you can "Save" it and you'll receive a notification the moment it becomes "available"!

    • Look out for the "Game Mode" badge because this signifies the tournament's game format. 
    • All tournaments are FREE to join but we encourage you to make a voluntary contribution to the partner charity.
    • Once you decide which tournament you'd like to join, click on the "Get Started" button to start your entry.



    Step 2


    Every tournament has a set of tournament details that are shown inside of the tournament card. These details include an overall summary, the prize breakdown, and (our favorite) a description of the charitable organization receiving your generous donation (the entry fee!).

    The SUMMARY tab will be in the middle and it provides a snapshot of the tournament details including the start date, tournament's top prizes, the featured charity and the current fundraising progress.

    The PRIZE tab shows the full list of prizes being awarded at the end of the tournament based on your final leaderboard ranking - everybody wins something! Prizes shown on the list will feature a mix of Basic and Elite level prizes.

    The CHARITY tab includes information about the tournament beneficiary; the organization or cause receiving the donations. The charity tab will include the organization's mission statement and a short summary description of it's programs. There's also a link that will take you directly to the organization's website - we want you to know where your donation is going!


    Next, click "Get Started" and begin the entry process! Once you're ready to submit your entry, you will be taken to a confirmation page just to double check that everything is good to go!

    • If you get distracted before finishing your entry, you can use the "Save" feature to stop and finish later
    • After you submit your entry, you can always go back to update it as long as it's before the real-life games begin


    STEP 3


    Every tournament offered on the Win-Win platform will have an associated charitable cause in which money will be raised. Please note: the donation is not required to join a tournament and a donation, regardless of amount, will not have any affect on tournament score. After submitting your tournament entry, you will be taken directly to the tournament's donation page to add your voluntary support. You are able to access this donation page anytime by going to the "Charity" tab within the tournament card.

    Once on the donation page, you will see two donation types: Karma Coins and InstaWIN.

    • The Karma Coin slide bar shows the number of Karma Coins you'll receive for your donation, based on the amount you set by sliding the green ball
      • Karma Coins is a virtual currency you earn for donating to associated charities and the #KCs unlock a variety of perks, including Elite Level prizing.  See Full Donation Perks List Here
    • The InstaWIN section will show a set of experiences and prize items that are available for an "Instant Win", hence the name :)
      • Think of InstaWIN as a "buy it now" button; instead winning the prize through the tournament, you can guarantee the "WIN" by donating the listed amount.  Once the donation is successfully processed, the experience or item is yours!  

    Please note: You are not required to donate if you join the tournament. Likewise, you are not required to join the tournament if you donate.





    STEP 4


    Once a tournament is "Live", that means there are no more entries allowed because the real-life games have started. Now it's time to following your leaderboard position and see where you'll land!

    • To view all of the tournaments that you have entered, you must sign in first, then click on the "My Locker" button on the bottom navigation bar and you will see the following options:  
      • Alerts:  your notifications will show up here - be sure to monitor tab!
      • Live:  all your live entries will be in this section, each having a summary of your current leaderboard ranking
      • Upcoming:  once you've entered a tournament, that entry will show up in the 'upcoming' section and you can edit your entry as well as share it out to friends via Social Media
      • Followed:  when you "save" a tournament that has a "Coming Soon" status, the tournaments will stay here until they become open for entry (you'll receive a notification!)
      • Completed:  this is a running list of all your past tournament entries with access to see the entry you submitted, your score, the leaderboard ranking, and the Elite level prize won (if you were not eligible for an Elite prize, it will still show this prize in your tournament summary)
    Once you're looking at the Live Leaderboard, you will have two filter options: Global and Facebook.

    The Global Leaderboard shows your score and ranking amongst every single person who entered the tournament. The Facebook Leaderboard shows your score and ranking amongst only your Facebook friends who have also entered the tournament. Sometimes you just care about beating your friends :)




    STEP 5

    WIN BIG!

    It's simple... you'll earn points based on the accuracy of your entry and win the prize(s) based on your final leaderboard ranking. Remember, everybody is guaranteed to win something in every tournament, so be sure to check both your email account and/or your "completed" tab.

    There are two types of prizes, Basic and Elite. Most prizes will require that you provide some information, such as your mailing address, preferred social media channel, telephone number, t-shirt size, etc. All of this information is found in your Account Profile section and we STRONGLY encourage you to complete this information as soon as possible, that way we'll have it on file. If there is missing information, you will likely see a long delay in the delivery of your prize.

    • The prize you win is determined by your final leaderboard ranking, and your "Prizing Level".  Your leaderboard ranking is based on the total points you've earned for the picks and predictions you've made about upcoming match ups.  Your Prizing Level is determined by the number of Karma Coins you've earned for that specific tournament.  See Prizing Level details here
    • In the event of a tied score, the person with the higher donation amount will be awarded the tie-breaker and higher position on the prize leaderboard.  See, there's good stuff that happens when you're donating! #Karma
    • Our Tier Three prizes are provided by various brand partners such as Lyft, Jordan, and Fanatics.  We will never share you personal information with our brand partners, nor the athlete/entertainer partners.  The only instance where Win-Win partners will receive your email address is when you actively opt-in and this process will be made very clear for you.