• Here are some of our favorite Win-Win features.. we think you'll love them too!

  • We understand everybody isn't a sports junkie! So, we built a variety of Game Modes that are suitable for all. Anybody can play. Anybody can win.

    #HTL is a feature that lets you quickly create a battle, within the battle! Gather 5 friends, or even 500, and create a unique #HashTag to identify your group.

  • What's Your Best Game Mode? Try 'Em All!

    Every Win-Win tournament will be formatted in a specific "Game Mode". Look for the Game Mode Badge within the tournament details to know what format you'll be playing.

  • Pick 'Em (PE)

    It's simple! You will be presented with all the matchups happening during the "Win-Win Weekend". For every matchup, just click on the team you predict will take home the W... the win! You will earn points for every correct pick. There's also "boost" points you can earn when you predict a certain number of winning teams correctly. The last question asks what the Total Points Scored will be in the marquee matchup on Sunday night (ex: Warriors = 115 = Blazers = 106. Total points = 221 total points). You'll earn points for how accurate your prediction is. Kabaam!

    See Scoring Breakdown Here

    Over/Under/On (OUO​)

    Test your prediction skills! You will be presented with a set of matchups taking place during "Win-Win Weekend". You will be prompted to choose three (3) matchups that you want to make predictions about (ex: Golden State vs Blazers; Suns vs Warriors; Bucks vs Knicks).

    Once you’ve selected the three matchups, you’ll be given a set of projections for specific players in that matchup. (ex: Steph Curry is projected to have 28 points vs the Blazers). You’ll then select one of three potential outcomes

    “OVER” - more than the projection states (ex: Steph will have over 28 points )

    “UNDER” - less than the projection states (ex: Steph will have under 28 points )

    “ON” - exactly the same as the projection states (ex: Steph will have exactly 28 points)

    You will be making O/U/O selections for each matchup you’ve chosen and you’ll earn points for correct answers!

    One final thing! The last question presented for each set of matchups will be related to the home team’s final score. Simply predict how many total points the home team will have at the end of the game (ex: Warriors = 115). You'll earn points for how accurate your prediction is. Boom!

    See Scoring Breakdown Here

    Battle Bracket (BB)

    Submit your best bracket for events like the NCAA March Madness Tournament, NFL Playoffs, College Football Bowl Season, or NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Earn points for every correct pick within each round of the Battle Bracket tournament. Watch your points accumulate based on winning predictions as the tournament progresses! Boomshakalaka!

    See Scoring Breakdown Here

    Note: Battle Bracket formats will vary based on the tournament structure (March Madness, NFL Playoffs, etc)

    Squad Up! (SU)

    Build your best squad of 3-4 players! You’ll earn points based on your squad’s real-life performance during a specified game or set of games. #SQUAAAD Coming soon!


    Each tournament you enter will have a maximum number of entries per user. See "Entry Limit" in the tournament details


  • Use the #HTL feature to quickly create a battle, within the battle

    Play against your friends, co-workers, or your even old grade school classmates! #HashTagLeader makes it easier for you to compete head to head with your group of friends for ultimate bragging rights!

    Gather 5 friends, or even 500, and create a unique #HashTag to identify your group.


    When joining a Win-Win tournament, you and your friends will use the same unique #HashTag. Enter as many #HashTags as you want and join multiple leaderboard battles. Be as creative as you want!



    Once the tournament begins, filter the global leaderboard by your #HashTag to see where you rank amongst your group - and prepare your best smack talk! Login with your Facebook account and see where you stack up against your FB friends list, automatically!


    Got a big group? Awesome! If your #HashTagLeaderboard gets large enough, Win-Win will up the ante by offering an Epic Prize for the 1st place winner on your group's #HashTagLeaderboard! The bigger, the better! Gather your friends and #PlayForMore