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  • What is Win-Win?

    Win-Win is the first of it’s kind marketplace that leverages gamification to connect fans with their favorite professional athletes and influencers, while in-turn creating a sustainable model for social change.


    Who can play?

    Almost anyone can play! Currently all users must be at least 18 years of age or older however all legal lingo on the subject can be found HERE


    Is Win-Win a Non-profit organization?

    Nope! We do pride ourselves on supporting charitable initiatives through our platform however, Win-Win is NOT a licensed 501c3 corporation. Win-Win is a C-corp and we are able to keep the lights on by taking a tiny portion of all voluntary donations, with the majority of all donations going to the respective charity.


    What types of game tournaments does Win-Win offer?

    Win-Win offers Free and Featured tournament formats. Featured tournaments typically include a submission of virtual goods or "Cause Coins" and additionally support a charitable initiative associated with the featured tournament.

    Each game tournament will have a specific "Game Mode" format.

    Win-Win offers the following Game Modes: Power Pick Em’, Over/Under/On, Bracket Challenge, and Squad Up. Details about each of these specific game formats can be found here


    How can I contact Win-Win directly?

    Customer Support: Rachel@trywinwin.com

    Prize Support: Jamie@trywinwin.com

    General Inquires: hello@tryinwinwin.com


    How do I log in to my account?

    It’s simple! Head to www.trywinwin.com and click the “Sign-In” tab located in the top navigation bar. If you have any trouble signing-in please make sure that your password is correct or try resetting your password. For further assistance, just reach out to Rachel on our support team!


    What is the typical tournament schedule?

    Win-Win tournaments typically run for about 12 days, from "Tournament Open" to "Tournament End". Between that period is when you can enter a tournament as well as when the "Win-Win Weekend" starts and finishes. Here are a few definitions that should help:

    • Tournament Open:  this is when you are able to submit entries into that particular tournament
    • Tournament Close: this is when the Win-Win Weekend begins and no more entries are accepted
    • Tournament Live: this is the status of the tournament during the Win-Win Weekend; games are happening live
    • Tournament Close: this is at the conclusion of the Win-Win Weekend and results become finalized

    What is "Win-Win Weekend"?

    Great question! During NBA Season, "Win-Win Weekend" refers to the games that count. This means when you join a Pick Em or O/U/O tournament, the games you will be making predictions about are happening during the upcoming weekend (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday). The outcome of those games is what determines your points, overall score, and position on the leaderboard!


    How can I track my tournament score?

    Easy! Once you are signed into your account, you can easily access all of your tournament scores by heading to the “My Locker” Section. Here you will be able to see all of the tournaments that you are currently in, and where you stack up against the competition on the Live Leaderboard for each of your entries. You can also track and filter your unique entry using Win-Win’s #Hashtagleaderboard.


    What is a #HashTagLeaderboard?

    #Hashtagleadboard allows you to create your own unique #hashtag and build out a competition between you and your friends, co-workers, or even grade school classmates! When you and your friends use the same #HashTag during check out, you will ranked against each other to see how you stack up, creating a battle within the battle! More details on how #Hashtagleadboard works can be found here.


    When will I receive my prize if I win? How and when will I be notified if I win?

    Great question! You will typically be notified of your final score, corresponding ranking in the tournament, and prize details within 1-2 hours of the tournament ending. If you've won a premium prize you will receive an email from our prize team within 24-48 Hours notifying you of next steps or simply to get some additional information! Tangible prizes are usually shipped out 5-10 business days after a tournament ends and the winner has completed their “Winner’s Circle Form”. For Autographed and Memorabilia related prizes we ask our users to allow up to 14 business days for shipment.


    What is a “Winner’s Circle Form”?

    Win-Win’s “Winner’s Circle Form” is simple. It is a brief post tournament wrap-up with a few questions so that we can get all of the proper information to get your prizes shipped, etc. We also LOVE our users' feedback, and this serves as a platform to provide it!


    What types of prizing does Win-Win Offer?

    Epic ones!! Prizes vary from private jet rides with your favorite athlete to court side seats to autographed apparel to free products and services from industry leading brands! The prize(s) you win are determined by where you rank on the tournament's global leaderboard. The higher your rank, the bigger the prize! It’s important to note that prizes vary from tournament to tournament and we are constantly improving our prize offerings


    What charities does Win-Win partner with?

    Lots! Win-Win works with charities across all sectors and we are constantly expanding our network of charitable partners. All charities are carefully vetted to ensure they are up to date and in good standing with the IRS. While Win-Win typically partners with charities of our athlete partner’s choice, we are always open to speaking with new nonprofits making an impact! We’d love to hear from you if you have on in mind!


    I have another question!!
    We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line: hello@trywinwin.com.